OPEN: Saturday Nov. 4th, 2023


Just when you thought it couldn't get any more intense, it does! That's when the Terror of Tallahassee shoots out the lights to present our darkest, most terrifying experience: Lights Out Night!

This is only for the most hardcore, dedicated Halloween/ horror fans. Kids and cry-babies need not apply! Those who can complete the task will receive permission to exit the building. Those who can't, well, who cares about them?

Can you take it? You'll have to traverse our giant warehouses in the gloomy dark, with only a meager glow stick to guide your way! But don't worry, you won't be alone. There'll be a handful of others in your group (assuming they don't sneak out the exits). And don't forget our colorful collection of monsters, murderers, and madmen. They'll be everywhere, and they're dying to see you... even if you can't see them (until it's too late).

Feel the Terror like you've never felt it before. Join us this November 4th for Lights Out Night, and don't forget to bring a spare change of pants!

Terror of Tallahassee - Lights Out Night 2019 from Vann Patacxil on Vimeo.